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The Urban House

The distinct design and stylistic concept in the space promises its owners a holistic, balanced and inviting living space that is evidently tailored to their measurements. It is an urban project, industrialized, slightly masculine, with a minimalist wink but at the same time radiating an abundance of warmth. The scale of colors and the urban design style expresses a refreshing combination between monochromatic colors and cheerful and bold shades, between opaque and natural materiality and between clean-minimalist and ethnic and natural. The contrast between the materials creates a complement, the layering of the layers of materials and the multitude of textures and patterns gives the space an original, current and innovative look.

The shell remains classic, almost neutral. The large, massive items form a background and behind them are spread secondary elements, tone on tone gradually from light to dark (gradation). Small items, such as pillows, art objects and accessories, are the ones that bring a fashionable and colorful dimension to a space and provide a dimension of richness and interest.


Photographer: Itai Benit

Architect: Eyal Ben Ayon

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