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Modern History

An Arab house for preservation is located in the heart of an old Jerusalem neighborhood, characterized by a combination of old and new, allowing a glimpse   of the unique texture of historic houses alongside a bustling and modern young life.

The work of planning and design aims to preserve the color of the house and the neighborhood environment and to give an updated contemporary interpretation alongside the preservation of the old and strengthening it with earthy raw materials. The space is re-divided by double-sided wooden partitions, in order to allow transitions and a gentle flow between the spaces, the preservation of the authentic stone walls of the building, as well as the emphasis of the arches in the window openings and the renewal of the iron shutters emphasized the rough materiality of the iron stone and the brass lighting fixtures, and all this alongside carpentry details and unique furniture combined with natural and soft textiles.

The result is an eclectic, rich, young, fresh, and expressive space.

Photo: Itay Benit

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