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Jaffa Spirit

Boutique apartment in the "ANDROMEDA REBORN" project in Jaffa. A restrained and luxurious modern eclectic project that manages to preserve the spirit of the place.

The project included handling all the infrastructure of the building, and a full functional and design response the artist's carpentry work included the use of a liquid metal painting technique.

Choosing an aqua color scale that connects to the view of the sea that will be revealed from the showcases, and a combination of authentic elements, starting with an antique brass door in an Arab-Jaffaian design that creates a slight separation between the entrance hall and the public space.

Go for a pottery jug, unique lighting fixtures, an antique bench, a collection of pottery shards and all the details of Israeli art,

All these alongside elegant furniture details with a wealth of materials that combine wood, glass, natural stone, and Moroccan Zelig mosaic and plenty of velvet, silk and linen fabrics

The result is an eclectic modern house rich in layers and full of content

Photographer: Itay Benit

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