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Home by The Sea

On the side of a mountain in Zichron Ya'akov facing the beach, a private house was built in a rural-industrial style that emphasizes the spectacular wooded landscape that surrounds the house from the outside. The color scheme in the house is based on smoky and deep tones and a lot of wood, iron and brass are used.

In this project, as in the other projects, emphasis is placed on the layering of materials and textures: starting with the finishing materials, for the carpentry and ending with the cladding, and this while taking care to plan custom carpentry in a way that creates a space that makes a strong statement but does not compete with the surrounding landscape.

The project is characterized by a harmonious and proportional design language, while combining the different styles and at the same time maintaining a contemporary design line, the result is precise spaces, with multiple layers of depth and interest, and visually rich.

Photographer: Amit Gosher

Architecture: Mira Ganoser

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