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My studio was established in 2014. It is located in Kfar Ha-Oranim.

This boutique design studio specializes in luxury homes for families, apartments and commercial projects in Israel and abroad.


The design process is tailored to each specific project, ensuring personal attention and care throughout the entire process: from the early planning stages; through formulating the design concept, selecting materials and various professionals and vendors; and on to supervision and final installation and set-up.


The studio's work process prioritizes functional planning that maximizes the features of the space, taking into account consideration of time, location and budget. The work process in each project includes a personal interaction between the designer and the client, resulting in an ongoing and attentive dialogue. The designer provides professional guidance, taking into account the client’s personal taste and style.


The studio’s design style is typically eclectic, warm and meticulous, using natural materials and paying attention to the smallest details that complement the atmosphere in the space.

סטודיו קרן ניב טולדנו.jpg

The Studio

קרן ניב טולדנו

Keren Niv Toledano

I live in Kfar Ha-Oranim. I have an MBA degree and I’m a graduate of the Department of Interior Design at Studio 6b (cum laude). I am a mother of two sons, married to Dudu, one of the owners of the MILSTONE and PARQUETEAM companies. I live and breathe the essence of home and family, running a vibrant and lively household and closely familiar with the art of hospitality from the days when I lived with my parents. It is an inseparable

part of everyday life in our home.


I am told that the initial encounter with me is very direct, warm and touching, fostering a bond with the client. These interactions remind me that every project is world in itself. In my work process, I make sure to balance between the practical and the functional needs on the one hand, and aesthetics and beauty on the other hand: I offer technical knowhow, analytical skills and many years of experience in project management positions at international hi-tech companies. In addition, I have a creative, colorful and lively personality, ever since my days as a dancer and dance teacher. The combination of these two intellectual and artistic abilities inform my strategic approach and design style, and this is the added value that I install in my work and offer to my clients.


As a designer, I travel a lot around the world for exhibits and acquisition trips on behalf of my clients. I make sure to visit small towns and villages, where I am fascinated by the local ways of life. I am inspired by this direct encounter with people and materials. I make sure to keep up to date with new trends and the natural relationship between the world of interior design and the world of fashion, industry and life style.

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