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Modern Farm House

Renovation from the ground up of 650 square meters built on a 1.3 dunam lot in the south of the country.

The project included handling all the infrastructure of the building, replacing the roofs, exterior development and a functional and design solution. The language chosen is a strong material language, industrialized, brutal and raw. Extensive use of natural stone, iron and wood. Master frame work that is reflected in a huge iron bookcase, in a bar code model railing combined with master carpentry, the copper lighting fixtures also complete the look. Along with soft textiles and furniture details that were planned and designed in full compliance and treated with original Israeli art that was adapted to each space. A project that manages to preserve the peasant style with a modern and industrialized interpretation, the result is a rich house full of content, which allows a transition between different spaces but connected in a kind of framework story.

Photographer: Itai Benit

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