Home by The Sea

On a mountainside in Zichron Yaacov facing the coastline,
a private house is being built in a rustic-industrialized style that emphasizes the magnificent wooded landscape enveloping the house. The color scheme inside the house is based on smoky and deep shades, using a lot of wood, iron and brass.

In this project, as in the others, the layering of materials
and textures was a major focus: From the finishing materials
to the carpentry and decor. This while carefully designing custom-made woodwork in order to create a space that presents a strong statement but doesn't compete with its surrounding landscape.


The project exhibits a harmonious and proportionate design language, incorporating the different styles and at the same time maintaining a timeless design. The result is precise, multi-layered, interesting and visually rich spaces.


Photographer: Amit Gosher

Architect: Mira Genosar