Urban House

The distinct design and stylistic concept of space long ago gave its owners a holistic, balanced and inviting living space that seemed to be tailored to their size.

It is an urban, industrialized, slightly masculine project with a minimalist wink but at the same time transmitting plenty of warmth.

The color scheme and the urban design style express a refreshing blend of monochromatic coloration with cheerful and bold shades, between opaque and natural material and between clean-minimalist and ethnic and natural.

The contrast between the materials creates a complement, stratifies the layers of material and the multitude of textures and patrons gives the space an original, up-to-date and innovative look.

The mantle remains classic, almost neutral. The large, mass-laden items form a backdrop and secondary elements unfurl, tone upon tone gradually becoming darker (degrada).

Small items, such as pillows, crafts and accessories, are those that add to the fashionable and colorful dimension space and provide a dimension of wealth.

And for that matter.




Photographer: Itay Benit

Architect: Eyal Ben Ayun